Artist Statement

Plein Air Interpretations

The landscape of our American Southwest is a constant source of fascination for me.  I am intrigued by the way the light plays on the surfaces of the desert; the mountains, rocks, plants, trees, land, and clouds.  The contrast of the lights and darks on the desert landscape produces beautiful abstract shapes.  When I paint, I focus on these abstract shapes, their values, colors, and relationships, and when they all go together, they produce an image of our desert as I see it.

All my paintings begin as plein air (outside, on location) pieces.  I put all my painting gear into a backpack and hike out into the desert.  I prefer to paint plein air because I enjoy the challenge of getting information down quickly, experiencing the elements, and being a part of what I am interpreting.  I will often return to the same spot several times to complete a painting.

I do not use photograph references.  I want to interpret what I see first-hand, and not through a lens. I feel working plein air is the most authentic and genuine method for a painter to capture the essence of the beautiful world all around us.

A Plein Air Artist's Blog